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It is with immense joy that we announce our certification in responsible tourism!

This Biosphere certification, granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute, is based on 3 pillars – economic, social and environmental – and ensures the compliance with a series of requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement of the hotel.

The Biosphere certification made sense for us because it is was the first certification program to achieve the Global Sustainable Tourism Council approved status for hotels, Tour Operators and Destination certification status. Also because, unlike so many other in the market, it is a certification specially developed for the Tourism Industry.

More than a label, this certification helped the hotel start a path that is inevitable in the near future for all companies and persons. With little steps, that we wish to become bigger and bigger, this is our contribution for the sustainability of our town, our country and our world.

If we all take a step, smaller our larger depending on each of our possibilities, we will assure a better tomorrow!

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