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Alternative options for visiting in Porto


Each time someone plans a trip, it is inevitable to think of what to see because time is (always!) short and priorities must be set.

Whether you are repeating your trip or simply because you would like to see your destination as a local, you might look for alternatives to the usual tours to iconic places and to the usual spots to take a picture for Instagram. Porto is no exception!

For those who would like to have a less touristic perspective of Porto and add a hint of originality and good humor we suggest “The worst tours”. The project started in 2012 and is an initiative of three city architects. They present the tour as “a walking debate and an invitation to the imagination”. They have a kiosk in S.Lázaro, the routes start at Praça do Marquês and it’s a walking tour and some parts of it, by public transport. How much does it cost? The visits are for free, it means each one pays whatever they want, can or think is fair for the experience. If you want to find out more see here

If you want literally want to have another view of Porto you can choose to climb the one that in 1963 was the largest concrete arch in the world: the Arrábida Bridge! There are many reasons to try even the most fearful because it is not a radical activity. It’s a unique opportunity to visit a place that has been closed to the public for over 50 years and climb the 262 steps – 65 meters – always with a guide and of course with all the security stuff! Porto Bridge Climb visits usually start in the early afternoon and end with the sunset, but during the summer it’s available climb to see the sunrise. In addition, on full moon nights, you can also experience a night visit. Take a look here

Across the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, is the Cantinho das Aromáticas. Guided tours are available for at least 10 people and from 6.5 € / person including also a taste of infusion of the day. While visiting, you will hear about biology, agronomy, ecology and pedology surrounded by “more than 150 species cultivated and produced in Production Mode”. It’s possible to visit for free but only the cultivation fields. You also have the chance to let yourself delight with all the products in the store and if you wish to buy again at home there’s the online store available. It is a 10-minute drive from Porto but if you prefer not to take a car you can easily get there by train from Coimbrões station. For more details and information, it’s all here.

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