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Earth day


Born in 1970 to help to raise conscience about the problems of the planet, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on the 22nd of April.

We leave you 5 ideas to offer the planet on this date. Little steps, easy to implement, that you may start doing in your daily life and that will contribute to a better world.

If you do all this already, congratulations! You may think of 5 more to go one step further on the path to a healthier planet.

  1. Replace the usual disposable plastic water bottles with reusable ones.

Taking the risk of being too partial, we suggest our own (Porto GHP bottle). Do the exercise of thinking about which sole use plastic do you use in your daily life and think how could that be replaced;

2. Replace personal hygiene items with more environmentally friendly ones. There are several options, see the ones that make sense to you:

– disposable facial cleaning discs by reusable ones – several brands already sell this option, washable and more environmentally friendly;

–  solid shampoo instead of the usual bottled liquid one;

– menstrual cups or underwear replacing the usual sanitary towels;

3. Plant a mini garden on your balcony

Off course, we were not all born to be farmers but a pot of parsley, basil or coriander doesn’t require a degree in agronomy and how nice it is to have aromatic herbs always at hand!

4. Try to rationalize your water and energy consumption. How? By reducing bath time, replacing lamps with LED in the house, opting for efficient house appliances, turning off lights and electrical appliances when not in use and doing the same with water taps;

5. Fight food waste

– try to shop rationally in order to avoid finding that can or package already out of date in the bottom of the closet;

– Cooking the right amount of food so you don’t need to trash any leftovers;

–   buy fresh products in units so they don’t lose their freshness and end up in the garbage.

Happy Earth Day!

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