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Fernando Marques de Oliveira


Today’s theme is Fernando Marques de Oliveira. For many, a name that needs no introduction in Porto’s artistic panorama. For us, the plastic artist who restored the glamor to the hotel’s rooms and public areas.  

Born in Porto, in 1947 in a family that allowed him, from his early years, contact with arts and culture. He knew from an early age that he would be an artist.

He studied at ESBAP (the predecessor of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto) and at Watermael Boitsfort Academy of fine arts, in Brussels.

He started exhibiting his works from a very young age and worked on several artistic areas: painting, drawing, interior architecture, plastic production in scenographic works for the theater.

He founded and directed one of the best known contemporary art galleries in Porto in the 1980s. For this reason, his name will be forever linked to the renewal of the artistic panorama of that decade.

Capable of combining colors, accessories and furniture like no other, Fernando Marques de Oliveira manages to read the soul of the spaces and recreate them in a surprisingly scenic way.

Looking at the geometric abstractionism of his works, we do not make an immediate connection to the classic decoration, very much inspired by the French aesthetic, that Fernando Marques de Oliveira thought for Grande Hotel do Porto but that results from a personalty with varied facets, that has no fear in trying new paths both in painting and in design, but all with on a common denominator linked to color and aesthetics.

It has been a privilege for us to live closely with his talent and see it reflected in the corners of the hotel.

n addition to appreciating the artist’s work in our spaces, you can also find many of his works in various public and private collections, on the Pedro Oliveira Gallery website and his social media pages – Instagram and Facebook.

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