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Five o’clock tea


Although it is a typically British ritual, the five o’clock tea was taken to the island by a Portuguese princess, born on the 25th of November of 1638, that later by marriage became queen consort of England, of Scotland and Ireland.

Her husband King Charles II agreed to marry the Portuguese princess when signing the contract on the previous year. The dote of the Portuguese Infanta included the Tangier and the Seven Islands of Bombay as well as two million Portuguese crowns.

Tea ritual is born

The tea was already used in England by the time the Queen consort left Portugal however, the herbs were only used for medical purposes. Besides the ritual of drinking tea and eating cake, YRH Catherine of Braganza also took to England the porcelain and orange fruit – both from China – and marmalade.

The tea and Grande Hotel do Porto

But you don’t need to travel to England to enjoy this experience! At the Windsor Bar we have available two versions of Five o’clock tea: the traditional and the Grande Hotel do Porto. On both of them, you’ll have, of course, the tea – you may choose your favourite flavour from our Althaus tea selection -, the scones, crème Fraiche and the indispensable jam.

Have you decided yet which one to choose? We’ll wait for you from Monday to Sunday after 3 pm.

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