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Portugal is much more than the three “Fs” (Faith, Football and Fado). Besides all of the natural and architectural heritage, this seaside country is unique in maintaining its traditions. Those related to the harvest are no exception. The harvest is a fine example of the Portuguese ethnography, a moment of celebration and family reunions.

After pruning the vines in January, you need to wait until Spring to see the first grapes appear and only in summer will they have their full colour and shape. Harvest time is usually by late summer, early fall. Popular wisdom says the grapes are ready for harvest when the grape stems are withered and the skin of the grapes starts to stretch.

There are several wine properties where it is possible to enjoy a harvest experience. There are programs for every pocket and taste.

In Quinta da Pacheca, there are several options that go from the traditional “lagarada” (Grape stomping) with a visit to the estate and wine tasting until a full harvest day with the traditional harvest meals, visit and wine tasting.

In Quinta Nova you may also find different experiences related to the harvest and to wine tourism such as a day in the harvest, winemaker for a day, wine tasting experiences, a pedestrian trail through the estate, boat, train, jeep or helicopter tours in the region, a mobile spa with the Douro scenario, among others.

There are a handful of reasons to visit Porto and the surrounding regions!

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