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New cocktails at The Windsor Bar


All of our new cocktails have Port wine, our emblematic drink, as a base. Try them all and select your favorite!

The Windsor

Baptized with the name of the bar, this is a cocktail with a strong personality that must be savored slowly.

It is made with gin, campari and Ruby Port wine, flavored with orange.

Porto Garden

The Porto Garden is a fresh cocktail, inspired by our rooftop garden. It mixes vodka, white dry Port wine and ginger ale.

The touch from our garden is the lemon verbena that gives the cocktail a special taste.


This cocktail was inspired by the hotel’s street name. It evokes the feminine, not only by its light color but also for the lightness and sweetness.

It combines triple sec with Pink Port wine, wild berries juice, lime juice and ginger ale.

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