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 Portuguese Gastronomy

There are many typical dishes to eat in Porto that you will taste and enjoy. But, in addition, in Porto the typical food is good and cheap. If you like homemade food and eat well, Porto is your city. It is evident that Porto has a great fishing tradition due to its proximity to the sea. For this reason, the star dishes are based on fish and shellfish, and the king of Porto is cod.

Typical dishes of the gastronomy of Porto

Cod with bread

The bacalhau à broa is a classic of Porto’s gastronomy. It’s baked cod, topped with a layer of crispy cornbread. Cod cooked this way is juicy and tender. It takes a lot of oil and black olives so it doesn’t dry out.

Cod to Zé do Pipo

Another gastronomic speciality of Porto is the Bacalhau Zé do Pipo. This Portuguese recipe accompanies cod with mashed potatoes and onions. In some restaurants they put the mashed potato to cover the cod and in others as an accompaniment. The cod is cooked in the oven, with milk and onion.

Francesinha, the typical dish to eat in Porto

A francesinha is a multi-layer sandwich filled with meat, cheese, sausage, and bacon. There are varieties of francesinhas, but they are all high-calorie meat dishes with an egg on top. In addition, it is always accompanied by sauce and chips. Sauces can be spicy or sweet. There are dozens of different options and restaurants compete to have the best francesinha in town.

Cod dumplings

Cod balls are a kind of croquettes or dumplings that are very typical of Porto gastronomy. They are consumed as an apéritif and are usually ordered per unit. For something more local, Tavern Santo António is a good option to try this typical Porto dish.

Green broth, the cheapest typical dish in Porto

In all the taverns and restaurants in Porto you will find Green Broth. It is a very thick vegetable soup and full of vitamins. The original recipe calls for cabbage, potato, onion, garlic, and olive oil. This is one of the cheapest dishes to eat in Porto as it costs between €1.5 and €3.

Grilled sardines

In traditional taverns, it is very typical to order grilled sardines as an appetizer. Sardines are one of the city’s specialities and are roasted for 10 minutes with coarse salt. A simple and tasty dish that will leave you with good water and many nutrients.

Where to stay during your stay in Porto?

Grande Hotel do Porto is a Charming Hotel that maintains its 19th century charm in harmony with modernity, comfort and timeless design. Located on Santa Catarina Street, one of the most emblematic streets of the city, it is in the centre of the city and close to several public transport stations.

This hotel is distinguished by its history, privileged location, terrace with orchard for consumption and visits by guests, and parking.

In the restaurant, one of the most classic in the city, you can enjoy a great brunch, lunch or dinner service, whose menu changes weekly, tasting some of the traditional dishes of the region. Treat yourself during your visit to Porto and come and taste the gastronomy of Porto.

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