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Restaurant D. Pedro II in Porto

The centre of Porto is a special place. With modern trends, new businesses and cosmopolitan visitors, this area of ​​the undefeated has maintained its typicality that crosses centuries-old establishments with new leisure spaces. There, 19th century architecture coexists with restored buildings and the authenticity of the local people.

It is in this scenario that D. Pedro II Restaurant is found, a place with history and tradition, located in the heart of Porto, in the middle of Santa Catarina Street. This restaurant is part of the century-old Grande Hotel do Porto and is open to the public, as well as hotel guests.

Created in the 19th century, the D. Pedro II Restaurant is one of the emblematic places in the history of the city. With a scenic setting, decorated with good taste and memory, it is the space for tasting flavours par excellence. Open every day, the D. Pedro II Restaurant has a capacity for 90 people, being ideal for group dinners, company events or wedding and baptism banquets.

The name of the restaurant pays homage to one of its most illustrious guests, D. Pedro II, King of Portugal and Emperor of Brazil. The monarch stayed at the Grande Hotel do Porto in the 19th century, during the fall of the Brazilian monarchy. This dining room is a majestic room that evokes the nobility and glamour of bygone times. If you are thinking of visiting a place that has a record of noble elevations, you should know that at Restaurant D. Pedro II you will feel like a true King or Queen. After all, its red and gold tones refer to the typical sobriety of royal courts.

Charming, the D. Pedro II Restaurant offers original recipes from Portuguese and international cuisine. At lunch a daily menu is served and at dinner there are exclusive dishes, designed by the chef. Executive lunches are served between 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and include starters, hot dishes and dessert, water and coffee included for only €18 per person. More than serving a meal, D. Pedro II Restaurant is characterized by offering both gastronomic and sensory experiences.

After your meal, be sure to visit Grande Hotel do Porto, where the restaurant is located. This space was the scene of the world nobility and aristocracy. Despite its renovations, the aura of the hotel retains the charm that conquered politicians, bohemians, intellectuals and artists of the 19th century. Admire the building, which maintains its 19th-century Victorian façade, the work of architect José Geraldo da Silva Sardinha. Details such as French mirrors, golden flowers and marble columns, so typical of that period of history, can still be found in the Grande Hotel do Porto.

Also open to the public, the hotel has The Windsor Bar, created in honour of the Prince of Wales, where you can enjoy quality cocktails or digestifs, always in a noble and caring atmosphere. This scholarly spirit of Grande Hotel do Porto is also reflected in the Salão das Colunas, which celebrates the cult of reading, the great conversations, debates and gatherings that characterized Porto society in the past.Enjoy a meal at D. Pedro II Restaurant and soak up class and history at Grande Hotel do Porto. We are waiting for you!

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