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The Grande Hotel do Porto

Grande Hotel do Porto opened its doors on 27 March 1880.

Playground for the nobility and aristocracy from all around the world, a haven for spies, politicians and exiles, a privileged setting for artists, bohemians and intellectuals, many elected Grande Hotel do Porto as their home in town.

Despite all its years, Grande Hotel do Porto is a hotel that did not stop in time. To attend our guest’s every need and give them the best possible experience, the hotel modernize itself, adapting to nowadays demands, always with the objective of offering comfort to those who seek charm in central Porto.

Over a century after its opening, the first “Grand Hotel” in Porto, goes on making history, written every day with every guest that pays us a visit and with everyone that come back.

Learn all about our history.

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Hotel history

Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 1880

Grande Hotel do Porto opening.
Owned by Daniel Martins de Moura Guimarães, a wealthy porto citizen recently arrived from Brazil, the project was ordered to the architect José Geraldo da Silva Sardinha.
The building with a Victorian-style façade had all the luxury and commodities possible for that time, visible in the French mirrors, chandeliers, golden florins and sumptuous marble columns.
The hotel opened with 40 rooms, 5 suites (one royal suite) and several other rooms: Reading room, Music room, Games Room, Ladies Room. In the back, at Ateneu Comercial do Porto Street, the hotel had bath facilities, open to the public, with cold and hot water, exactly like in the hotel and something extremely rare at the time. Daniel Moura Guimarães invited Dr. Ricardo Jorge and Dr. Augusto Brandão to direct the showers and Paulo Lauret as a gym professor, in what would resemble a lot like a predecessor of a modern spa.
Drawn by the banqueting services, the balls and opulent parties that the hotel promoted, the most preeminent figures of the kingdom, from politics, art and society, started to visit the hotel that becomes a meeting point for Porto social life.
One of the most emblematic guests of the hotel in its early years were the Brazilian emperor and empress, that look for refuge here after the Brazilian Republic was proclaimed.
They arrived at Grande Hotel do Porto on the night of December 24th and occupied the hotel’s entire 1st floor that was at the time, specially adapted to receive the Royal committee.
In the last years of the XIX century, José de Oliveira Bastos, also recently returned from Brazil, joins the society and becomes co-owner of the hotel.

Death of Daniel Martins de Moura Guimarães.
With the death of Moura Guimarães, he’s children António and Isabel sold his part to their father’s partner and he began the first hotel refurbishment and enlargement work.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 1900

Enlargement of Grande Hotel do Porto.
The enlargement work, started by José de Oliveira Bastos stretch goes on for 23 years. In the end, the hotel gains 55 rooms, a new and majestic dining room, a new kitchen and a terrace, used mainly in the summer months.
The terrace was something new in town, with a stone mosaic floor and a fish lake in the centre and it began to have a lot of demand in the summer months for the afternoon tea.

Afonso Costa’s Arrest.
Prime minister at the time, Afonso Costa was arrested in Grande Hotel do Porto, after a coup d’état planned by Sidónio Pais, in December 1917.

Hotel Sale.
The hotel was sold to D. Ângelo Vasquez Enriquez and António Maria Lopes. The new owners began a reform that would give the hotel a new kitchen.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 1920

Inauguration of the Winter Room.
A new space is born at the Grande Hotel do Porto. O The room, had natural light that was assured by skylights and had a fireplace working in the winter. The decoration was made by Casa Nascimento. Today is one of the hotel meeting rooms: Sala Douro.

Opening of the hotel’s Guest Book.
In 1934, the city hosts the first big world exposition – The colonial exposition. For the opening, on June 16th, the Portuguese President comes to Porto accompanied by several members of his cabinet. A big part of this entourage stayed in the hotel and it was on this occasion the guest book of the hotel was created and is at use until today.
Since it was opened in the ’30s, the Guest Book does not contemplate the visit of many famous guests, who were part of the history of Grande Hotel do Porto.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 1940

A new management at Grande Hotel do Porto.
António Maria Lopes becomes the sole owner of the hotel and a few years later it begins a new refurbishment work: all rooms of the hotel have now private bathroom and the room doors with double windows were replaced by varnished single doors.

New Hotel update.
The hotel main entrance is refurbished, with a reception enlargement and the transformation of the former reading room in a boutique. Also, a second elevator is placed in the reception area, the bar is refurbished and the bedroom’s furniture is replaced.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 1960

Hotel full refurbishment.
A major refurbishment work took place in all areas: façade, rooms, public areas, meeting rooms and kitchen. The classical inheritance of the hotel is respected so that it can maintain its charm.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - a história do hotel - 2000

New room refurbishment.
Between 2000 and 2004 the hotel rooms were refurbished and a new emergency staircase was created. With this alteration, the hotel lost one room and offered from then on 99 rooms. The architectural project was designed by N & N Arquitectura.

New interior refurbishment at Grande Hotel do Porto.
Between 2008 and 2011, a new room refurbishment takes place. This time, it is signed by the cabinet of architects – Roberto Cremascoli, Edison Okumura and Marta Rodrigues. The new decoration in brown and white colors creates a more modern environment but with basic and timeless lines that fit perfectly in the classic atmosphere of the hotel public areas.
Five rooms were sacrificed because they were considered too small for the modern standards and from this date forward, the hotel has 94 rooms.
The hotel’s main floor decoration was made by Fernando Marques de Oliveira and brings back the shinning atmosphere of the hotel’s early years.
The restaurant is renamed D. Pedro II, as a tribute to Brazil’s last emperor and one of the hotel’s early guests. The bar moves closer to Colunas Lounge and also gains a new name: The Windsor Bar.
Two suites are baptized after personalities that were in their past connected to the hotel:

  • Guilhermina Suggia who met her husband, Dr. Carteado Mena, here at the hotel;
  • Manoel de Oliveira who chose the hotel as settings for his movies “Amor de Perdição” and “Cristóvão Colombo, O Enigma”.

New refurbishment works.
In 2017 a new refurbishment starts taking place. The new project is signed by Fernando Marques de Oliveira and aims to bond the decor of the public areas with hotel rooms.

An environmentally friendly Hotel.
In Grande Hotel do Porto terrace, a city garden is created to grown products used in D. Pedro II restaurant plates.

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