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At Grande Hotel do Porto we face sustainability practices, not as an obligation, but as a natural way of being. For this reason, we adopt the principles stated in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

Sustainability strands

Heritage and infrastructures sustainability

Carbon footprint calculation

Water and energy efficiency measures



Human resources

Local community


Economic profit

Biosphere Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certification
Grande Hotel do Porto - Sustainability - OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY


Aware of the importance of maintaining sustainable tourism growth, we based our activities on five principles.

  • Motivate and train our workers with training actions on Responsible Tourism.
  • Promote good environmental practices.
  • Participate in external activities and inform both internally as externally about the company’s environmental progress and actions.
  • Fight against sexual exploitation, or any other form of exploitation or commercial harassment, in particular, on children, teenagers, women and minorities.
  • Include also the commitment to adopting accessibility measures for people with (sensory, physical, intellectual or physic).

One of our main goals is to perfect sustainable management, assuming commitments of continuous improvement in all scopes of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as guest satisfaction. For that, all of our future projects and activities will be submitted to the criteria of sustainability and efficient resources management.

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Grande Hotel do Porto - Sustainability - OUR MEASURES


Our commitment to sustainability is present in the hotel different measures. Learn all about them.

Sustainability measures

Energy efficiency:

  • Led lamps in most of the hotel.
  • Active awareness of workers and guests to measures of energy efficiency.
  • Motion sensor lights in the hotel corridors.

Water efficiency:

  • Active awareness of workers and guests to measures of water efficiency.
  • Water flow regulator valves in all of the bathroom water taps.
  • Low flow toilet flush.
  • Amenities with eco pump dispensers and from a brand ecological responsible (our amenities have no parabens, no coloring agents, no silicone, no animal derived ingredients and no GMO’s, they are not tested in animals and they have been tested dermatological).
  • Detergents with dosing system and eco friendly.

Carbon emissions efficiency:

  • The hotel calculates its carbon footprint and undertakes the commitment to implement measure to reduce it annually.
  • Encouragement for guests to calculate their own carbon footprint.


  • Responsible purchasing policy.
  • Internal production of food in our edible garden in the hotel terrace.

Human Resources:

  • Inclusive recruitment policy.
  • Staff training action on sustainability.

Social Responsibility:

  • Cooperation with local associations, schools and other local partners.
  • Protection of historic and cultural heritage of the city.
  • Participation in activities to protect local species.

Our sustainable practices mirror our social, cultural and environmental attitude within our community.

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