Expansion of the Grande Hotel do Porto

The expansion works started by José de Oliveira Bastos lasted for 23 years. In the end, the Hotel now offers 55 more rooms, a new and majestic dining room, a new kitchen and a terrace, used mainly in the summer months.
The Terrace was a novelty in the city of Porto and attracted many personalities who took the opportunity to enjoy the view it offered. The mosaic floor, the fountain with fish, the balcony with lighting and the furniture provided long evenings.

Detention of Afonso Costa

The prime minister at the time is arrested at the Grande Hotel in Porto, following the coup d'état led by Sidónio Pais, in December 1917.

Sale of the Hotel
The hotel is sold to D. Ângelo Vasquez Enriquez and António Maria Lopes. The new owners continue to expand and renovate the space: a new kitchen is created in the gap between the hotel and the then Camisaria Confiança.