New refurbishment of the rooms

Between 2000 and 2004 the rooms were refurbished and a new emergency staircase was created. With these changes, the Grande Hotel do Porto now offers 99 rooms. The project was responsible for the N & N Architecture.

Interior remodeling of the Grande Hotel do Porto

Between 2008 and 2011, the interior decoration of all floors of the hotel was remodeled by the architecture office of Roberto Cremascoli, Edison Okumura and Marta Rodrigues. The new decoration, in shades of brown and white, aimed to create a modern atmosphere in the floors and rooms, but with the classic style of the public areas of the hotel.

The hotel now offers only 94 rooms, as 5 were eliminated, considered too small for current standards of comfort.

The decoration of the main floor is by the artist and designer  Fernando Marques de Oliveira and returns this area to the brightness of other times.

The restaurant is renamed with the name D. Pedro II, in honor of the last emperor of Brazil, one of the first guests of the Hotel. The bar is now closer to the Hall of Columns and gains a new name: The Windsor Bar.

The two charming suites are named after personalities who had a connection to the hotel:

New suites and new interior decoration

In 2017, a new interior remodeling of the hotel begins. The project, handed over again to Fernando Marques de Oliveira, aims to create a continuity of the decoration already carried out in the public areas of the hotel, namely on the main floor, for the other floors.

A more environmentally friendly hotel

On the terrace of the Grande Hotel do Porto an organic vegetable garden is created, whose products are used in cooking at the D. Pedro II Restaurant.